36 Week Update

We are just over 36 weeks now! A couple of comments I’ve received this week I haven’t yet before:

“You look like you’re ready to pop!”
“You are all belly, girl. I wish my belly had been that big when I was pregnant.” Compliment? Unsure.

There have been others but can’t quote them word-for-word…. they have just been comments making me realize the due date is quickly approaching. Baby is sinking lower and lower – he’s always sat low, but this is no joke now. The pressure is almost unbearable and literally just standing up hurts now. Two weeks ago we went to the zoo and walked a total of over 4 miles… there’s no way I could be doing anything like that at this point in time. Crazy how rapidly he’s growing now and how quickly it’s changing. A friend let me borrow her belly band – absolutely life altering! I should have been using it like three weeks ago at least haha!


We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday. We got to hang out all day because I had the day off of work, which I was super thankful for! We talked about going on a short trip but because I am super pregnant, that plan didn’t really work out. So instead, we are having a baby and purchasing a home for our 5-year anniversary! Which i’d much prefer anyway.

Our entire day was centered around food. We ate at a few places that all offered a lot of gluten free options and it was wonderful. So happy to have found some local places here in Columbus and am excited to find more over time.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: H&M Basics
Pants: Asos Maternity
Shoes: Steve Madden

Xo. Nicole

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