Staples for Fall

The biggest challenge with being pregnant is finding maternity clothes that I really love. I have been fortunate enough to find a few things, but for me it wasn’t worth spending a ton of money on a lot of items because I knew I was only going to use them for a bit.

I miss wearing high-waisted & mid-rise jeans the most! Right before I found out I was pregnant, I thrifted a pair of high waisted Levi’s and added a little bit of distress to them. I wore them maybe once or twice and then started growing and couldn’t wear them anymore. With limited funds I am always working to refine my wardrobe. It’s not always easy but I love when I find a really good thrifted item and something I know not everyone will be wearing! I have yet to check out thrift stores here in Columbus but will also be excited to do so when I can actually try stuff on again!

Here are a few staple items that I love and plan to wear this fall: A good Camel colored coat or long jacket, loafers of any kind, high waisted/mid-rise denim.

What are some of your staple items?

Xo. Nicole

North Market

There is a fun little spot in Columbus called North Market. It’s an indoor market with a variety of local shops/places to eat. We had so much fun exploring the market yesterday, and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there sooner. We had some amazing Macrons from Pistacia Vera, My favorites were the toasted coconut, vanilla bean, and coffee. We also had a mint one – which was a fun flavor to try but not necessarily a favorite. We had some stuffed mushrooms from Pastaria Secunda, and found a cute place called Little Eater with healthy foods and plenty of gluten free options. We will definitely be going back to try additional places.

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It was fun checking out a couple of new places and spending more time downtown before baby boy arrives! Just over 35 weeks now and couldn’t be more excited to meet him in less than 5! I am definitely getting sick of being pregnant and though I have loved him being in my tummy and will miss feeling him move in there, I will be happiest having him here with us.

Xo. Nicole

32 Week Update

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I have been pretty bad at updating the blog with so much going on recently – the move to Columbus, adventuring in our new city, and we took a week long trip to D.C. to visit some of our friends there and had so much fun. Makes me excited to explore more cities on the East Coast!

We have been trying to purchase a home here in Columbus and were hoping to to do so before the baby comes but because the process is so involved, there is no way it will happen before he arrives. Because of this, we figured we would work on getting our nursery all set up. We were able to purchase some fun things for it and I am excited to do a nursery reveal in the near future and even more excited for baby to make his arrival! Less than two months and I’m going to be a mom, ahh!

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for a long time and decided to just go for it. It was liberating! Was time to stop caring about other’s opinions and just do what I want to do. I used to be more this way but unfortunately it’s easy to get wrapped up in the worldly aspect of fearing what others may think. #momhairdontcare


Overall I have been feeling really good, just getting more and more exhausted, it’s getting harder to breathe normally, and my back hurts when I wake up each morning. I have found that going to bed really late helps with that…weird I know. But I am in bed for fewer hours and the quality of sleep I get is generally better than if I go to bed earlier and toss and turn all night or wake up at like 5am having to pee with a sore back!

Just when I think it’s not possible for my belly to get any bigger, within the next few days it’s visibly a LOT bigger! At my last appointment a couple of days ago, my doctor said that the baby is still head down which is great and commented on the fact that I don’t have any stretch marks – woohoo! We have two more appointments before doing another ultrasound at week 37, just to see baby one more time before he comes!

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Top: Brandy Melville
Pants: Asos Maternity
Shoes: Hope Ave
Hat: Brixton

Xo. Nicole

A Few Favorites

I love ripped jeans and felt hats – I swear no matter how you wear either, they always look good. You can dress ripped jeans up with heels, you can wear hats with dressy outfits to make them a little more casual. They both just work. Always. Here is a little Sunday inspiration to get you ready for the week:

What are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear!

Xo. Nicole